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Art 85 Final Paper Web Art Proposal

December 24, 2011

Natanael Banegas Jr.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Prof. Patrick Aievoli

Internet Art Proposal

The internet has enabled people to communicate with each other at greater scale and a greater speed then in any time in history. Along with this increase communication came new forms of multimedia art work that use internet has a medium to create art and communicate ideas. With the advent of both and internet and the web information and ideas that would not otherwise be able to be expressed in older more controlled forms of media. Many of these ideas for existed for years having limited circulation in print be have been For my net art proposal my would be multifaceted piece dealing with many subjects and ideas that fall under the umbrella term “conspiracy theory” or at least can be connected tangentially to conspiracy. I plan to divide the subject into the different category that at first do not appear to be connected at first but, connections between them will hopefully made more apparent in this artwork. To create this art work I will be referencing many kind of internet art to better explain and more fully develop the concept.

One piece of internet art is Josh On’s ‘They Rule’ created in 2001 deals with the connections of U.S. government, corporations, and other non-government organizations. He does this visually through through graphs of the board members and the various committees they are a part of including the amount of money each of these individual make through lobbying. The way the site has been designed allows for someone to create save and share webs with a wide array of search criteria.. It is for these reason that the website has been used has a research tool by many people providing links for the of sources. How ‘They Rule’ has provided a valuable tool for research is shoe by this video clip:

A Web of connections from Josh On's They Rule

      They Rule video

While Josh On focuses on the the reality of the revolving door between the corporate world and the United States government, the project I proposed will have a much broader scope. Like Josh On’s work I plan to have own internet art piece to highly visual and interactive. Again, the scope of the project is much  . My goals in undertaking such a project would to increase exposure of these ideas outside of mainstream media. The site will serve as a tool for research to be used for individuals and groups alike. To make sure this website can be an effective research tool as possible it is necessary to look at the features of other kinds of websites.

Other websites that I would like to reference include websites such as Wikileaks, Cryptome, American Deception, and The Knowledge Files. The common theme between sites is that they are all archive obscure information. Cryptome and the now famous Wikileaks site both websites deal secret government documents. American Deception dot com. The Knowledge Flies is another website that deals with an archives books of occult subject matter including mysticism and secret societies. The reason that I feel it is necessary to have an archival component is that much of this information can be difficult to obtain physically because they are rare,out of print or in the case of government documents classified and of course they can be destroyed. While some these documents make be found on the internet in still takes effort and time to find all the disparate pieces of information, and they can deleted or the sites can be shut dowm. Although it is great there are many places to find all this information if it were all this kind of information gathered in one area in something akin to virtual library.

Some other things that I would like as addition to the website are a historic time lines and the use of a genealogy tree. These additions at first would seem superfluous but, ever single conspiracy that as either been proven to exist or speculated to exist has ties to the past that and supposedly shape present. The use of genealogy tree can be value in establishing connections has powerful financial and political familial dynasties are major subject of important study in alternative media and play heavily into conspiracy theories various has evidenced in a video clip on the English royal family and its to American political elite. Included in the clip is the ties that these powerful families have to different organizations which various conspiracy theories are involved with.

How a time line or genealogy could implemented in an interactive website is provided through via video examples.

  ‘Interactive Visualization of Genealogical Graphs’

  Daily- an interactive timeline covering the Israeli- Palestinian conflict.

In order to make this project work I can not do this single-handedly I would need help to from other people. One task that I would need help to start project would be doing the initial research in order find and establish connections that will serve as the back bone of the art piece. It also Since new information from alternative news outlets is being released there for always be a need for continued research and updates to the site, which of course would require me or someone else to act as webmaster for the site. I would also need to hire the help of programmer with the html code since I don’t have the skill with coding or programming and get run the site up and running. Talking again the amount of sheer information the would require the purchase and maintenance of a servers. To really deal with all the information it may be necessary to include more feature or even have multiple interconnected websites for the sake of organization and user friendly experience. These will depends on how much is put on the site initially and on how much added over time.

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